CyanogenMod 7 Hacked Onto The Kindle Fire, Let The Modding Madness Begin!

The $199 Kindle Fire just took one step closer to instant fame. XDA-Dev member, JackpotClavin, managed to flash CM7 onto the Fire using ClockworkMod. The result is a Fire running a custom build of Android and a whole lot of excited fanboys.

Currently, the build is very buggy. It’s more of a proof of concept than usable device. The touchscreen controller is off by 90 degrees making it a bit difficult to operate. Also, replacing the Amazon build with another ROM kills most of the Amazon services including the Silk browser. Other apps, like the Kindle app, Amazon appstore, and video player, can be installed on the new OS. Most importantly, XDA-Dev members believe that the Fire can be unrooted after the fact, returning it to its swanky Amazon interface.

The whole ordeal is unfolding right now over at XDA-Dev. Instructions have yet to be posted but those that need their hand held probably should wait until later builds anyway. This early build is more for those with the stomach for such tomfoolery. After all, as with most modding, it’s completely possible to brick the device.