(Founder Stories) Bump’s David Lieb: “Stop Thinking & Just Go Build It”

Bump co-founder, David Lieb launched an app that’s secured roughly $20 million in funding and has been downloaded approximately 60-million times. In his final Founder Stories interview with host Chris Dixon, Lieb predicts the next hot sector, discusses hiring employees and dishes out advice for future founders.

When asked by Dixon to name his favorite “mobile apps” Lieb responds he is a big fan of “realtime information” and lists Twitter and Facebook as top picks. He continues by saying that approximately “5 billon” smartphones are expected to be in service within the next few years and believes that, “the next wave of really important companies will be mobile first.”

Later in the interview Lieb tells Dixon that hiring talent hasn’t been an issue for his team and admits that while some workers may have gotten away, “It turns out the people you really want to hire, find you.” He wraps by saying that he’s seen too many founders suffer from “analysis paralysis” and urges entrepreneurs to “stop thinking and just go build it.” Recognizing that if his team had overanalyzed Bump, it never would have gotten off the ground.

Make sure to watch the entire interview for additional insights, including Lieb’s take on how founders can help separate themselves from the pack.

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