Curisma Offers DIY Coolhunting


Like putting a donk on it, it seems like every new website needs to have a daily deal. Take Curisma, for example. On the surface it’s sort of an Oink-like website dedicated to the curation of cool products. Underneath, like a the cowbell in Don’t Fear The Reaper, is a weekly deals site. Luckily, the curation of Curisma is far more interesting than the deal, which just might save this start-up.

Founded by MIT students Fatma Yalcin and Eugene Gorelik, the site allows you to post stuff with a link to said stuff. Like watches? Post up a watch. Like a fancy lamp? Put that sucker up there. Presumably, over time, the database will burst at the seams, creating a Katamari-like wunderkammer. Right now it’s kind of barren.

The money is to come from sales through the site – hence the deals – and through affiliate sales with associated objects therein curated. There is also a rating system for folks to rise to the top of the curating ladder, allowing for the cream to rise to the top.

Does the world need another Oink (or Blippy, for that matter?)? I’m going to withhold my judgement, but the design here is clean and clever and I could see the potential value to folks looking for a clever gift for the man or woman who has everything.