The Roundabout Tapes – RjDj now plans to game reality with sound [TCTV]

RjDj’s Michael Breidenbruecker, also a Founder, has certainly opened up the avenues for sound apps on mobile platforms. The startup’s apps have become platforms for musicians, but are gradually evolving into augmented reality mobile apps.

Most recently the company partnered with screenwriter Christopher Nolan on Inception: The App, which reached 4 million downloads. The amount of “dreamtime” (time spent listening to the app ) was over 94 years. The average listening time per session is over 30 minutes. This was not your average app!

Now, RjDj is beta testing a new mobile game project called Dimensions. This uses augmented sound to warp the sound around you and lead you into a game of ‘enhanced reality.’ Dimensions is currently slated to release early in December, so look out for our coverage of its release.

Indeed Will Wright, creator of the hugely successful SimCity and The Sims, is working on something similar, called HiveMind, a sort of “personal gaming” platform.

Meantime, we caught up with Michael’s team, based in London’s ‘Silicon Roundabout’ area as part of our series of interviews we’re calling The Roundabout Tapes, interviewing the largest cluster of tech startups in London which happen to have gravitated towards East London.