‘The Millionaire Matchmaker’ Meets Silicon Valley: WePay CEO Looks For Love On Reality TV

Dude I know this happened a month ago but I’ve been staying at my parents’ now for three days and we’ve already had the “You should start thinking seriously about your relationships” conversation because I will soon be no longer in my twenties and if I don’t get married asap I will be sent to the glue factory. So it’s still relevant.

Ugh, society totally pressures you to find a life partner, even if you’re a dorky/crazy workaholic and can’t ever see yourself settling down BECAUSE what if when you did, the kid came out all Asperger’s? Because you are clearly on the spectrum and whoever your partner is would totally be on that level too, hypothetically.

Which is why I give mad props to WePay’s Bill Clerico, for stepping outside our tech nerd echo chamber and heading to Hollywood to find love, as a guest on Patti Stanger’s reality TV show, “The Millionaire Matchmaker.” Deemed “better looking than Mark Zuckerberg,” Clerico tries out “fishing in a different pond,” telling Stanger, “My life and work are very closely intertwined” — Used that exact quote earlier tonight, no kidding.

Stanger drops some wisdom, namely “Nerds with sex appeal = husband,” which, coupled with Jenny McCarthy’s line (yes she’s in there too), “If they’re not overweight then there’s hope,” pretty much should be your dating philosophy, single ladies. In high school my favorite joke was, “Q: What do you call a nerd in ten years? A: Boss.” Also, Honey.

The whole thing is worth watching, for how achingly human everybody is and how much of a sport Clerico (who I’ve loved ever since he gave me a ride home from Startup Soccer) proves to be — especially when artificially surrounded by a bunch of millionaire-seeking missiles in bikinis.

Also: WePay is also trying to buy Yahoo, or raise money for clean water — You can help them out here.