Superfly Takes On Google And Kayak With Personalized Flight Search

Israeli startup Superfly, which debuted at TechCrunch Disrupt in 2010, launched earlier this year as a service to organize travel rewards (i.e. frequent flier miles or hotel rewards) and educate users on how to maximize their value when using rewards points or miles.

Today, Superfly is taking this a step further by allowing users to book air travel through the website and receive personalized recommendations based on status, miles and more.

Once you sign in with your accounts, Superfly will display miles earned over time, spending patterns, and more. While on many travel sites you can search flight inventory by cost, time, or airline; Superfly’s engine adds an individual’s data, including frequent flyer miles, elite statuses, rewards programs and individual preferences into the decision-making process of choosing a flight.

So if you search for a flight from Chicago to San Francisco, and have miles on American Airlines and United, you can sort your flight search by value. Superfly will show you which flights make sense for miles usage and which don’t.

In the future, founder Jonathan Meiri says that Superfly will expand to hotel search and bookings as well. And the site plans to aggregate and parse the data from its users to make recommendations. For example, Superfly will show you which hotels American Airlines Gold members tend to stay at when on a business trip to London.

Of course, Superfly will be going head to head with Kayak, Google and others with flight search. But Meiri says that the personalized nature of Superfly’s flight search, as well as some of the future data insights, will help differentiate the portal from some of these travel and search giants.