The 5.39%. Occupy Movement Sites Most Visited By “Jet Set Urbanites”

Guess who seems to be most interested in the plight of the 99%? “Jetset urbanites” according to Experian Hitwise, which used its Experian Mosiac audience profiling system to track traffic to Occupy movement sites from various consumer lifestyles, because hey, why not?

According to Experian Mosaic, which separates people into Starbucks-esque categories like “Gotham Blend,” “Dare to Dream,” “Aging of Aquarius” and “Bohemian Grove” (a little vomit just came up into my mouth), sites like  and others in the Occupy category were most visited in the past three months by “Jetset Urbanites,”  a segment of the population that was “highly affluent, progressive and tends to live in major metropolitan areas” with a group of people known as “Colleges and Cafes” coming in second with regards to visits. Quelle surprise!

Also not surprising when you think about is the fact that “Small Town Shallow Pockets” — one of the least affluent psychographic segments — is contributing a sizable share of the visits relative to their online population, you know because they actually are the 99% and thus might you know care.

Experian also reminds us that interest in the OWS movement ebbs and flows with newsworthy events, peaking during the movement’s first two weeks, then again during the clearing of Zuccotti Park and then again during the movement’s two month anniversary.

There’s a Greek saying that goes, “The person with an empty refrigerator doesn’t philosophize.” I don’t know exactly how it’s applicable in this case, I just thought it was kind of cool.