Wishbox Lets Your Visitors Complain About Your New Layout With Screenshot Annotations

You’ve changed something on your website, and everyone hates it. At least, that’s how it seems. Once you’ve grown past, say… 10 users, change will almost always be resisted. You get used to it.

More often than not, unsolicited user feedback isn’t super helpful (if only because it usually boils down to “You suck! Screw your new logo! I’m removing you from my RSS reader!”). Sometimes, though, the userbase really does know what it wants — but even then, it can be hard for them to express it properly. That’s where Wishbox comes in.

By combining on-the-fly screenshots with an in-browser annotations tool, Wishbox allows even your most technically inept users to send visual feedback straight to your inbox.

Wishbox places a small pop-out “Send Feedback” tab in a pre-determined place near the edge of the screen. When clicked, Wishbox snaps a screenshot of your current browser window, throws it into an embedded annotations tool, and lets users get their mark on before shippin’ things your way. You can see a demo here.

The tool is a bit slow to load (I’ll forgive them; they did just roll out of a rather small Beta), but it’s all pretty buttery once it’s up and running. Wishbox is free at first (it looks like they plan to charge after a monthly cap of 100 feedback submissions, but pricing details aren’t immediately available. We’ve reached out for clarification. Update: It’s based on Jotform, so the pricing scheme is the same), and installation is a matter of punching in your e-mail and plugging a Javascript blurp into your page.

As an example, see a mid-action screenshot of my feedback creation session for Wishbox’s website below: