Questli Launches iOS App To Allow Users To Take On Virtual And Real World Quests

Questli, one of the Audience Choice winners at TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this year, is debuting its IOS app today. You can download the app here and you can use the code ‘TC2011’ to sign up for the app. As we wrote in our initial review, Questli is all about playing someone else’s Quests.

Users can create both web and virtual Quests for others to participate in. So you could hide a $5 bill in JFK and create a series of complicated tasks that a player has to complete in order to find the money. A sample web-based Quest could involve connecting with a person online, and asking for an answer key.

Questli has also implemented password protected Quests, so people can play what the startup calls, “private treasure hunts” during events. Founder Danil Kozyatnikov, who hails from Siberia, says that the app is getting a lot of attention from businesses for sponsored quests.