Beijing’s Garage Café: Coffee and an Open Office for Startups (TCTV)

Before we kicked off Disrupt Beijing, the TechCrunchTV team had just enough time to venture out into the city to begin exploring the local startup scene. One of our stops: The Garage Café, a coffee shop where startup companies go to work on their projects. For the price of a cup of coffee (a little over 3 US dollars), teams can set up office for the day and have access to a library of reference books, job boards, and the venture capitalists that also frequent the space. With at least ten early-stage startups working in the café at any given time, the Garage Café has become a go-to place for entrepreneurs to meet, exchange ideas, and in a dozen instances since the café opened in April, find investors.

Watch as Sarah Lacy takes a look at what some of these companies are working on, find out what they want Westerners to know about Chinese startups, and ask whether the Mark Zuckerberg of China might be in the room.