A Personal Appeal TO Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales

Dearest Jimmy Wales,

So we meet again Wales … Yes I know, another holiday season, another reason to poke fun at your silly, scopophobia-inducing banner ads belying the very noble cause of raising $29.5 million for an unlimited supply of constantly updated knowledge — FOR WHICH WE ARE ALL VERY THANKFUL JIMMY, I PROMISE.

But, for whatever reason Jimmy, this year you’ve chosen to left align your traditional banner ad portrait asking for Wikimedia Foundation donations, which means that your mug ends up being the accompanying image for whatever I end up looking up on Wikipedia.

And thus hilarity ensues (See above, and below and below and below and well you get the picture).

My — granted unsolicited — advice is that next year you take some of the donation money, especially the 20 bucks I’m about to throw at you out of guilt for writing this post, and hire a professional graphic designer so you’re not creeping people out or (worse) making them laugh unintentionally.

Best (and Happy Holidays!),

Alexia Tsotsis