Weekly Watch Round Up

A few of the most forward thinking European watch designers have come together to bring the quirky and highly forward-thinking brand called Ochs und Junior. The brand offers watches that combine ease of telling the time with minimalism – and they are available in literally any color combination you can dream of.

With a name like “TNT” what would you imagine a watch collection to look like? The Pierre DeRoche TNT collection of timepieces combines independent Swiss watch making with aggressive sporty looks and open mechanics.

As a pricey 40th anniversary gift, Audemars Piguet has given itself a limited edition of 40 pieces Royal Oak model called the Extra-Thin that features a solid platinum case and impressive skeletonized movement and dial.

A review of the Bell & Ross BR02-94 Marine Chronograph reveals that it is a solid tool-watch with a designer spirit from the popular French brand. Unique to the BR02-94 is the barrel-shaped case design and large, yet comfortable size on the wrist.

Leave it to the Italians to produce a watch that is specifically designed to match your Lamborghini. You choose the colors among a few available exotic materials and Adriano Valente will build you an incredibly ostentation AV-L001 watch for your budding ego to expose to the world.