Slingbox Facebook App Goes Live, Isn’t Great At Sharing

Slingbox has made the act of watching your television from anywhere stupendously easy over the years, and now the company has added yet another way to catch up on Community on the go: now you can watch from your Facebook account.

That’s right, if their Android, iOS, PC, and Mac clients weren’t enough to keep you connected, Slingbox has recently released their new SlingPlayer Facebook app. Not every Sling fan will be able to partake, though: the SlingPlayer Facebook app only works if you have a PRO-HD or SOLO unit running the latest firmware update.

While cool, the Facebook app’s utility is a bit suspect considering users can already access their Slingbox’s streams from the Sling website. It could potentially see use in the workplace (though I’m sure none of our readers would ever do that) where IT departments can blacklist certain sites, but if that’s the case then they’re probably filtering Facebook out too.

The app’s social features are pretty limited too; users can post potentially TV-related status updates from within the app, but that’s about it. Slingbox promises to bulk up their app’s social functions in the future, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground for any new developments. For now, current Slingbox users can get cracking by clicking right here.

[via @davezatz]