Fly Or Die: The Kindle Fire

Erick and I were pretty much of the same mind when it came to the Kindle Fire: it’s pretty darn nice. But will it Fly or Die? Find out in this exciting, Fruit-Ninja-infused episode.

We’re working on our Kindle Fire review as we speak – we took a bit of time to do the Nook Tablet review first – but thus far it’s been an interesting device.

Like the Kindle, it’s Amazon incarnate, a device that’s aimed at Amazon customers, dealing up Amazon content. It is compact, well-made, and, dare I say it, sexy as an ereader and, although a bit less interesting as a media device, it’s one of the most promising devices I’ve seen.

That said, there are lots of ereaders out there and this is one of many. Will it survive – fly or die, if you will? We shall see.