Wearable Augmented Reality System To Guide New Workers Remotely (Video)

Augmented reality has one more use case: a team of researchers at Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has developed an AR guidance system that can help inexperienced or new workers navigate difficult situations remotely.

The way it works is that the system (currently in prototype stage) makes it possible to share the first-person perspective of a worker in a challenging work environment with an “expert” off-site, by providing guidance over a head-mounted camera, a microphone, and an AR application developed by AIST.

The makers explain:

In video taken by the expert’s own camera, specific colors are extracted. So the expert’s colored gloves are extracted and superimposed on the pictures I see. So, if I mimic what the expert’s hands are doing, I can replicate his movements. (…) We’ve designed this system for use in physically difficult environments, and all of it is washable. We think it could be used in places with high temperatures or radiation.

This video (in English, shot by Diginfo TV) provides more insight on the system: