Sibblingz Debuts New Version Of Game Creation Platform, Spaceport

Multi-device social gaming platform Sibblingz is debuting a new version of its game creation platform Spaceport.

For background, Spaceport, allows game developers to build a game once, using Javascript, and have it play across all smartphone operating systems, with a native app-like experience and fast performance. The web-based games run as a hybrid HTML5 – native app, and the code for the game is written once, in a simple scripting language, so that they can then run on any device. And developers can also create native iOS apps as well using Spaceport.

Because Adobe announced that it would ve ceasing further development of its mobile Flash plug-in, Sibbling wants to fill the gap for Flash game developers.
The company says Spaceport 3.0 is the most advanced iteration of Sibblingz’s mobile game development and rendering platform yet.

Spaceport 3.0 allows developers to continue writing games with Adobe’s Flash desktop-based authoring and content creation tools while making the games instantly usable on iOS, Android and HTML5. The platform automatically converts Flash animations created in Adobe tools as “SWF” files into Spaceport vector graphics. These are then rendered on iOS and Android devices by the high performance GPU-based rendering engine in Spaceport as opposed to the much slower and battery-hogging Flash plug-in which utilizes the CPU.

As Siblingz’ Peter Relan explains: Flash developers are very good at understanding how to build Flash games using Adobe tools and scripting languages like ActionScript. In moving to mobile they have to abandon these tools, languages and APIs and learn new tools, APIs and hard core languages like Objective C and Java which they have no clue about. Spaceport allows them to develop their games in a scripting language (Javascript, using APIs that are very similar Adobe’s Flash APIs) and the exact same Adobe toolset…With Spaceport they get the best of both worlds: the comfort of Adobe tools and API’s, AND being able to deploy on all mobile devices.

Spaceport 3.0 uses JavaScript instead of ActionScript to support high performance HTML5 games on Android and iOS, and has improved performance overall. The platform is free for developers.

Sibblingz, which is profitable, already makes ‘millions of dollars a year’ in revenue from share fees from games using its technology. The company just raised $1 million in new funding from YouWeb.