Postcard On The Run Raises $750k, Makes An Investor Out Of Selena Gomez

Oh, you didn’t hear? Tech investments are all the rage in celebrity circles these days. Purse-sized puppies? Meh. Crazy outfits at awards shows? Over it! Participation in an early stage funding round? SO IN!

Ashton Kutcher has Airbnb (and Likealittle, HipMunk, Grubwithus, etc.). Gaga has Backplane. Leo has Mobli. The latest A-lister to go A-ngel: actress/singer/Bieber’s belle Selena Gomez, with an investment in Postcard On The Run.

For those who may have missed our previous coverage, Postcard On The Run lets you take photos off your smartphone and convert them into real-world postcards for about a buck a pop. They handle all the dirty work like printing and mailing — you just tell them what you want, and where to send it. It’s fast, fun, and clever enough that Apple started doing something in the same vein a few weeks later.

The round closed at $750k, led primarily by CrossCut Ventures. Their list of individual investors is pretty formidable, though, if only in size: Mike Jones, Kamran Pourzanjani, Yves Sisteron, Aber Whitcomb, Brian Fitzgerald, Ryan Steelberg, Colin Digiaro, Brian Lee, Chris DeWolfe, Jarl Mohn, and, of course, Selena Gomez.

Selena Gomez as a tech investor. Seem strange? Sure. But the company has even stranger news today: Smell Mail. For an additional 50¢, senders can go all Scratch-n-sniff with scents like Baby Powder, Holiday Spice, Pine, Flowers, Chocolate, Popcorn, Suntan Lotion, or Teen Spirit. Wait — that last one: does it smell like the deodorant, or like an early 90’s Kurt Cobain?