Paperlinks Makes Takeout Menus More Interactive With QR Codes

Y Combinator-backed Paperlinks, which creates QR codes for businesses and brands with an emphasis on the design of the code itself, is hoping to reinvent takeout menus with its technology.

The beauty of Paperlinks is that instead of leading people to a web page (as most QR codes do), Paperlinks app and codes open up a landing page with the company’s logo and other modules, which can include Tweets, calendars, video, contact info, photos and more.

Through its Order Takeout functionality, diners can scan Paperlinks-enabled takeout menus and order their food by tapping on their phones. Once you scan a code on a menu via the Paperlinks app or any QR code reader, you get instant access to the restaurant’s mobile-friendly, interactive menu.

From this page, you can select dishes to order, specify delivery instructions, add on a service tip and pay via Paperlinks’ Checkout Cart.Orders are sent directly to the participating restaurant in their format of choice (via email or fax) to be filled and delivered to the customer.

Paperlinks says it takes restaurants minutes to create a mobile landing site and QR code. The startup faces competition from Seamless, GrubHub and others in the online food ordering space.

To date, Paperlinks has signed up more than 12,000 customers – from small, local establishments to brands such as Nestlé and Live Nation’s House of Blues.