Coda Automotive Taps GE To Sell Chargers Alongside The Coda Sedan

Well, it looks like Coda Automotive — makers of the zero emissions all-electric Coda Sedan — and General Electric (a name that requires no introduction) have teamed up to sell the Coda Sedan and the GE WattStation Wall Mount EV Charger in the same retail outlets.

Many of us are already feeling that a shift toward electric vehicles is the responsible decision, but a change that big means replacing and changing huge chunks of our lives. A brand new all-electric vehicle means you’ll be remembering to plug in every night instead of stop by the gas station on your way to work. It also means you’ll need a charging station. Thanks to this deal between Coda and GE, you can pick up a charging station at the same time you buy your new all-electric Coda.

The GE WattStation Wall Mount is a Level 2 EV charger, meaning it offers between 208-240V, rather than the 110V provided by the Level 1 Chargers. Level 3 chargers, on the other hand, are used for commercial use at gas stations and provide a super quick charge. The higher the level, the faster the charge. It’s not the most exciting bit of news we’ve ever heard, but it could help grow EV adoption which we’re all for.

In related news, the price of the Coda Sedan has gone down to $39,900, making it just a tad more expensive than the Chevy Volt and a good $4,000+ more pricey than the Nissan Leaf. Then again, the Coda Sedan touts a range of up to 150 miles on one charge, whereas the Leaf gets a max of 100 miles per charge. The Volt, of course, is a hybrid and can thus run forever as long as gas is in the tank to charge the generator. But on EV mode, the Volt will only offer about 30-40 miles per charge.

Many owners will probably qualify for a $7,500 tax credit, which would bring the price on any of these vehicles down significantly. Then again, we’re seeing a pretty big push in the automotive industry toward electric, so you may want to hold out and see what’s in store.