Coachya: Athlete Management Made Easy for Personal Trainers

With no shortage of products and services that target small businesses in a generic way, some verticals really do need dedicated solutions — like personal trainers, for example.

Never having really thought about it myself, I asked a few of my friends to find out what tools their personal trainers use to manage their day-to-day operations. The answers ranged from old-school methods like notebooks and written invoices, to techier methods that peaked at Excel and emails.

Coachya, founded by husband and wife team Avi and Michal Grabinsky, is bringing to market a management suite that bundles a number of key features trainers need, into a single one-stop-shop solution. To be more specific, it seems perfectly suited for personal fitness coaches, or any other kind of coach that provides workout schedules to individual athletes (customers).

What I like most about Coachya is that it doesn’t overload in features or is too fancy a design. It just streamlines the basic activities trainers need to perform when managing athletes.

Features range from registration management (from single customers, to teams), to athlete billing, to training plans, assignment and tracking. Nice touches like prebuilt workout libraries that can be dragged-and-dropped onto athlete schedules are real-time savers.

Trainers can track athletes’ progress by having them log into Coachya as well and plug-in data such as distances covered, speeds, durations, and physical conditions like weight and minimal heart rate.

Team management is also made is via a shared calendar and feed and the ability to designate assistant coaches/trainers. Also, athletes can be connected to multiple coaches and teams. For example, someone training for a triathlon may have both running and cycling coaches.

Coachya is offered in three tiers, ranging from free to $59/mo. Steroids not included. I kid. I kid.