Bag Week Review: Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror

This is my new go-to bag. That’s saying something, too. Despite reviewing dozens of computers bags during my tenure at TechCrunch, I’ve stuck with the Ogio HipHop for years. It’s made four CES trips, three to CEDIA, a few E3s and countless random flights around the country. I love it. But now it’s just hanging in my closest. The Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror now hangs on the hook by my door, always ready to hit the road.

The Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror

Type: Sleeve/Shoulder Bag

Dimensions: 15″ MacBook Pro, 13″ MacBook Pro, 11″ MacBook Air

Pockets: Padded main compartment, back sleeve, one small zippered pockets up front and a one on the inside

Features: Weather resistant nylon construction, roll-top main compartment, adjustable strap with removable pad, soft-to-touch lined interior

MSRP: $135

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Crumpler started transition from just a camera bag maker to a full fledge bag provider a few years ago and that transformation is seemingly complete. They now offer a large range of bags including their staple photography line. The Pinnacle of Horror is part of the Laptop Bags line that also includes sleeves, backpacks and laptop briefcases. At $135, this particular bag is a little on the pricey side but makes up for it with solid construction.

The Pinnacle of Horror is only currently available in gunmetal and red. The exterior is a brownish grey with a contrasting bold red interior. A single, small side pocket occupies the front while a document holder is around back. Just a single strap secures the top but the clever fold-over flap allows it to function, at least temporarily, without it. For added protection, a zipper spans the top flap but I never felt the need to use it. Inside is a padded notebook divider and a large pocket across the width of the bag. Normally I despise bags that lack internal organizational pockets but the overall simplicity of this bag won me over.

The bag’s opening is just wide enough for a 15-inch MacBook Pro while the roominess allows for all sorts of additional things. The surprisingly big bag can even hold a DLSR in a pinch but, since there isn’t a dedicated padded pocket, it might not be the best idea. Still, it lends to this bag’s versital nature.

Who is it for?

Just looking at the bag you wouldn’t think anything of it. It looks rather mundane but it’s the perfect size for a notebook, a tablet, and anything else you’ll need while out an about like a camera or text book. It lacks a water bottle holder, a multitude of pockets and silly things like a dedicated cell phone holder. But don’t let that turn you off. It’s not really meant for the traveling salesman that needs to have an array of items available at an instant. But for an around-the-town bag (or a basic flight bag), it’s nearly perfect.

Do I want it?

Yes, I really think you do.

But as previously mentioned, it’s not the biggest bag available. Don’t expect to tout a gaming notebook outside of the Alienware M11x. The bag is super easy on the shoulder and the fold-over design of the main compartment makes for an accessible, but still secure, top flap. The bag is handsome in a way. You wouldn’t see Alan Shore carrying it to court, but Jim Halpert would totally rock the Pinnacle of Horror to the office. The Crumpler Pinnacle of Horror is an solid bag. A more appropriate name is Pinnacle of Awesomeness.

Product Page

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