50 Cent’s Headphones By SMS Audio Get Priced Starting At $129, Available For Pre-Order Now

The nation’s long nightmare is almost over. 50 Cent’s headphones are finally fully detailed and SMS Audio is taking pre-orders for the over-the-ear models. The in-ears will be available later. Thank goodness. This was turning into the NeverEnding Story Part IV.

The story goes that 50 Cent & Co. enlisted the help of Sleek Audio to build a wireless headset presumable to compete with Beats. The resulting product was the star of Sleek Audio’s CES 2011 booth but the deal went south last May. Then, over the summer, 50 Cent’s SMS Audio acquired KonoAudio for its executive leadership and likely manufacturing know-how. So here we are today. The entire line is finally revealed after several weeks of teaser pics.

The prices are right in line with current market trends. The wireless over-the-ear cans cost $399 while the wired versions cost just $299. Both are availble for pre-order starting today with an expected ship date of December 5th. The earbuds start at $129 but aren’t available for order just yet. Look for a hands-on post in the coming weeks.