Shazam Continues Reversing Freemium Model, Brings LyricPlay To Free App

The folks over at Shazam have been busy little bees recently. After announcing Shazam for TV, offering up the ability to purchase products seen on television programming courtesy of Delivery Agent, and finally ditching the tagging limits for iOS devices, a brand new feature is making its way into the app. It’s called LyricPlay, and it lets users read the lyrics of the song they’ve Shazamed as its playing with interactive visual themes.

Shazam has been reversing its freemium business model a bit lately (which is made obvious by the return of unlimited tagging). This latest feature was once an exclusive feature of the paid version of Shazam, Shazam Encore. The goal, according to Shazam, is to keep users in the app longer. Shazam, at least when I use it, is really more of an occasional app that I whip out the moment I har an excellent song, but I don’t tinker around in the app after its tagged. In fact, the only reason I spend more time in the app is to pop over into iTunes and buy the song.

Users interested in getting their LyricPlay on should check in the App Store or Android Market for updates to the app. After downloading the update the new feature should show up within the app immediately.

Adding an interactive way to listen to (and inevitably read) entire songs while tagging could really boost the length of most app sessions. Plus, who among us can honestly say they don’t need just a little help understanding lyrics?

Except Ellen, of course: