Brit Morin Launches Lifestyle Brand ‘Brit,’ Wants To Be Silicon Valley’s Martha Stewart

Last March when Google TV Product Lead Brittany Bohnet announced she was leaving Google to do her own thing, I was pretty psyched, after all our industry totally needs more female founders and I personally love Brit’s taste. A couple of months later Bohnet is now Morin (via a marriage to Path founder Dave Morin) and her startup has actually launched.

The eponymous ‘Brit’ is a lifestyle brand focused on expressing the idea of innovative living through editorial content, software and consumer products. Morin describes it as “Real Simple meets Wired.” The LATimes describes it aptly as,”Silicon Valley meets Martha Stewart.”

“What I really want to do is apply what I know about Silicon Valley and software to the home,” Morin tells me. Interestingly enough she has actually met Stewart, who she describes as an ” inspiration in many ways,” twice.

The brand’s first offering is a wedding app called Weduary, which was inspired by the process that Morin and her husband used in planning their own ”Pixel Cowboy”-themed wedding this summer. After having friends continually ask to grab the code for their own weddings, the 25-year-old Morin decided to build an app that made it easier to make simple, beautiful wedding websites. Weduary, which uses Facebook Connect to help users meet new people at weddings based on common interest, is open for signups today and should be available by the beginning of next year.

Morin wouldn’t reveal details about further Brit apps, but did say most products would be centered around ways to be creative around the home and novel ways to perform everyday activities like cooking, decorating and shopping. She also is planning on eventually making physical Brit-branded products, like a yoga mat using innovative materials.

Morin is in the process of hiring an editorial team to work on related content like reviews of digitally conscious dog collars or videos about how to make wearable napkins. She is also hiring product designers and engineers interested in helping to create software and apps if any of you are interested. The company is presently bootstrapped.