Another Member Of The Twitter Comms Team Leaves. So What’s Going On At Twitter?

Twitter Communication exec Sean Garrett’s departure from the company last week was a shock to many in the press who had the pleasure of dealing with him and the Twitter Communications Team. Garrett loved and presumably still loves Twitter, as anyone who follows him on there knows.

That’s why I was doubly shocked when I heard the news this afternoon that new Twitter Communications Director Lynn Fox had left the company. Fox, who I also follow on Twitter, had only been at Twitter for four months!

So what’s going on? Well according to multiple sources, the departure of Marketing head Pam Kramer six weeks ago has resulted in Twitter’s Jack Dorsey basically replacing her as head of Marketing and amping up his influence within the company. (Yes he really does work those 8 hours at Twitter, now all I’ve got to do is confirm the 8 hours with Square).

Dorsey stepping it up, coupled with Dick Costolo’s heavy Operations hand has led to a conflict in many staff members eyes, “Which master do we follow?” And confusion.

According to one source, this “Do I do what Dick says or do I do what Jack says?” dilemma has put extra special strain on the Twitter Communications team, which seemingly doesn’t know whose message they should be communicating. Others say that its Jack’s Jobsian management approach that has led to the frustration among staff in all departments.

Whether they’re on Team Dick or on Team Jack (or Team Biz and Ev), the fact remains that everyone is still rooting for Twitter to get past the growing pains of its adolescence and flourish in adulthood. Just think about it, how much has the thing improved your life.?

Google pro Karen Wickre was brought on to the Communications team just a few weeks ago and is now interim head as they search for a replacement for Garrett and now Fox.  In my humble opinion, the group of now eight is the best in-house tech PR team in the business — not a surprise when you consider the product they represent.

Photo via/ @Laughingsquid