What’s In A Domain Name? Twitter Wants Twittter.com, Twittr.com

Twitter was recently successful in obtaining the domain name Twiter.com after filing a dispute with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), and has apparently grown an appetite for more.

Last week, the company filed a complaint for the transfer of Twittter.com (with a extra ‘t’) and now we’ve noticed that they’re also gunning for Twittr.com.

You may remember Twitter was originally called Twttr, so it’s surprising to me that they didn’t already own the latter domain name, nor filed a complaint to obtain it in the past. In fact, the company only filed its very first domain name dispute with the WIPO earlier this year.

For the time being, Twittr.com leads to a page filled with contextual ads. My guess is the domain name will be transfered over to Twitter soon enough.

On a related note: Twitter co-founder and former CEO Evan Williams recently penned a blog post, arguing that domain names are getting less important these days. I tend to disagree.