Video: What Is 4G? Ex-TC’er Doug Aamoth Explains It Better Than Anyone Else Could

I get asked the same set of questions at least a couple of times each week: What is 4G, anyway? Does “4G” mean the same thing across all of the carriers?

I’ve been meaning to do a quick and humorous video explaining the whole mess, but just kept putting it off. I now realize why: unbeknownst to me, my brain was waiting for TechCrunch-alum Doug Aamoth to do it. The time has come, brain — the time… has… come.

For those who may be a bit too new around these parts to remember TechCrunch in the days of yore, Doug wrote for us at our (since absorbed) sister-site CrunchGear. He was called away to another site by the siren song of trivial stuff like money and health insurance shortly before the AOL mothership arrived and started offering those things to us. For more good times, check out Doug’s classic Penguin Soda Machine review here. Miss you, buddy.