PortfolioDashboards.com Aims To Help Angels, VCs Track Investments

Today sees the launch of the public beta of PortfolioDashboards.com, a site that wants to help angel investors and venture capital firms closely monitor the performance of their investment portfolios.

You can sign up for the service here.

Originally founded in 2008, PortfolioDashboards.com offers a free performance-tracking tool designed specifically for early-stage companies. The service offers standardized reports to investors and other stakeholders through a customizable dashboard.

For entrepreneurs, the site aims to streamline the reporting process, providing reminders and a simple-to-use report-creation wizard. Data that can be submitted includes financial reports, milestones, information on company goals, commentary and more.

PortfolioDashboards.com is free for investors and offers a free subscription service for startups with zero to very few investors. For startups with multiple investors, board members, and other stakeholders, there is a monthly subscription service available with plans starting at $39 per month.

I would love to hear from entrepreneurs and investors alike if this service appeals to them, and if they’d be willing to pay for such a solution.