Netflix Outs Redesigned Android Tablet App, New iPad Version Hitting In A Few Weeks

Netflix took to its blog this morning to announce a new look for its Android tablet app. Gone is the old beige and red scheme (finally). In its place is an immersive user interface that takes full advantage of cover art. It’s swanky and a tad reminiscent of the latest set-top box version.

Per the release the new app is launching today to coincide with the Kindle Fire and Nook launch. Since those two tablets are all about content consumption, it’s a tad hard to argue against that logic. Despite Amazon’s best efforts, Netflix is still the de facto movie and streaming source.

Neil Hunt, chief product at Netflix,

We’re happy to debut a new user experience coinciding with the release of the next generation of devices from industry leaders. The new Netflix interface offers a significant improvement in browsing and searching for TV shows and movies to instantly watch.

The Android version hits the Market today and is available as a free download — of course you need to pay $7.99 a month for access, though. Netflix is also updating the iOS version to the new UI and that app will be available in a few weeks.