Techonomy’s David Kirkpatrick Thinks Most Leaders Still Don’t Get Technology

I am in Tucson, Arizona this week at the Techonomy conference, where I caught up with host and journalist David Kirkpatrick who thinks that technology and the empowerment of the individual is the biggest transformational force in the economy. But outside the tech bubble we live in, many of the world’s business and political leaders truly are “almost completely unaware” of what’s happening.

In the video above, we talk about some the technology trends sweeping through politics and business. Kirkpatrick and I used to work together at Fortune magazine years ago, and we tend to agree on things. At the end of the video clip, we talk about Jack Dorsey, who Kirkpatrick had just interviewed onstage earlier on Sunday evening. I ask Kirkpatrick which of Jack’s companies, Square or Twitter, will end up being bigger. I won’t tell you what his answer was, but we both agree on that one as well.

(More video interviews from speakers at the conference coming up).