Daily Deal Aggregator Yipit Comes To iPhone

The daily deal aggregation service Yipit is launching its own iPhone application today, allowing users to track deals from over 800 sources, including Groupon, LivingSocial, Gilt City and others. In this new mobile format, the service becomes a lot more useful, and not just because it saves you the hassle of dealing what increasingly feels like deal spam email.

Beyond Yipit’s aggregation capabilities, the app’s standout feature is its ability to personalize offers. Never want to hear about mani-pedi’s or yoga classes ever again? Love to golf but hate bowling? Then you just might like this app.

The Yipit app offers a location-based deal map and list view in its “Near Me” section while the “My Deals” section features those deals you would be interested in buying. The app walks you through the personalization process upon first launch, letting you select your city (or cities) from a list, then letting you check or uncheck the deals categories you would like to see.

Optionally, Yipit can also alert you to new and trending deals via push notifications. It’s easy to turn this feature off and on via the toggle switch in the app’s settings. Although Yipit won’t bug you with the deal categories you opted out of, you can still browse all your area’s deals from the “All Deals” section, if you choose.

This relative newcomer to the deals space company¬†raised $6 million¬†in Series B funding this summer, and at the time it was only aggregating 335 deal sources. Now its up to over 800. Also, in less than two years, Yipit has aggregated over 1 million offers. The company says that 90.3% of deal shoppers will buy from deal sites this year, leading to a potential height of $80-100 million in purchases over the holidays. Now that Yipit’s on the iPhone, it’s definitely poised to get in on that action.