Virtual Goods Gaming Marketplace Live Gamer Raises $8.5M

Live Gamer, an online marketplace for players to trade and buy video game virtual goods, has raised $8.5 million in new funding from Charles River Ventures and Kodiak Venture Partners. This brings Live Gamer’s total funding to nearly $30 million.

Live Gamer’s e-commerce platform powers virtual goods merchandising, analytics, virtual item gifting, support for earned in-game currencies, item storefronts, catalog management, payments gateways, cash-in flows, and more for publishers. Live Gamer has scored a number of other notable partnerships to power micropayments for gaming companies, including a deal with gaming giant EA, THQ Sony, and Real Networks.

The company recently bought video game ad network GamerDNA and engagement advertising platform BrandPort to add advertising capabilities for game publishers. In 2009, the company acquired microtransaction platform Twofish, and Korean startup N-Cash, a global microtransaction company.