The Bridge Aims To Be The First True Universal Remote But Needs Some Kickstarting First

Universal remotes are by and large misnomers. They’re not truly universal. Even that remote from that dumb Adam Sandler movie couldn’t control a HTPC. Universal remotes are often just for traditional AV devices. But not the Bridge from New York-based start-up, Convergence Technologies. This remote concept is a true universal remote with the ability to control everything a HDTV from a cable box to a game system to a digital streamer. But they need your help.

Convergence Technologies is looking for $50k in funding through Kickstarter. The funds will allow the company to develop the necessary software along with building and distributing the remote. As with most Kickstarter project, there’s a bit of risk involved. The device sounds and looks great on paper — if the company can actually build the thing.

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

What is the Bridge? from Harsh Mody on Vimeo.

The start-up would need to collect (or license) the necessary IR codes for every AV device. The company claims that the Bridge would also be able to control RF devices like the Boxee Box so those codes would need to be found as well. What’s more, the creators state on that they’ll be able to bring this savior of mankind to the market for well less than $100. Still, the dream is big and certainly within reach — as long as they get the necessary funds. That’s where you come in.

Convergence Technologies turned to Kickstarter for help. The site’s crowd funding model allows anyone to throw a few dollars towards the project in return for a bit of swag and a warm fuzzy feeling. The creators are looking for $50,000 and as of this post’s writing, has 47 days to reach that goal. Pledge $10 and it will get you a pin. $20 earns you a t-shirt while $65 gets you one of the first units.