Prototype Blade Laptops Stolen From Razer Offices

We’ve been eagerly awaiting more news of Razer’s Blade, a 17-inch beast that they claim is “the world’s first true gaming laptop.” Alas, we didn’t think the news would be of the troubling variety: Razer says that two of their prototypes were stolen from their Bay Area R&D lab.

Razer is working closely with the authorities, as you do when something this valuable is stolen, and they urge their fans not to buy any suspiciously Blade-like laptops in back alleys or out of the backs of pickups.

The state of the prototypes isn’t mentioned, but I have to guess that they’ve probably been working on nailing down driver support and custom software for the customizable keys and touchscreen. And without proper support from developers (like, say, the ability to show your ammo count, lives left, that sort of thing), the Blade is really just an ordinary expensive laptop.

Sure, they can sell them for a substantial bit of cash, but there are easier ways to steal laptops. Maybe the thieves are just big Razer fans. At any rate, if you have any clues or see one of the laptops on the market, contact