Five Years Later, Apple Recalls The First Generation iPod Nano

In a move that demonstrates an incredible amount of either customer care or procrastination, Apple has issued a recall for the first generation iPod Nano. Not the one you use as a watch, not the fat one, and not the round one. The original (and in my opinion, the best). Turns out it has a rare overheating problem, by which these warnings usually mean explosion problem.

Only a single battery supplier has actually been implicated, and the few hot devices were only available between September 2005 and January 2006. So if you gave or received a Nano during the 2005 holiday season, better find it before it burns your house down.

Find your serial number using this step by step guide:

Put that sequence into Apple’s handy checker here, and if it’s one of the bad batch yet somehow miraculously has not melted in the last five years (the chance of overheating/catastrophic explosion “increases as the battery ages”), Apple will issue you a replacement. After six weeks.

In other news, Apple still has original iPod Nanos to issue as replacements. Very clever — or have they known about this the whole time?

[via SlashGear]