Rovio Opens The World’s First Angry Birds Store In Finland

Look out, Sanrio. After dominating the mobile world for just shy of two years (haters be damned), Angry Birds is movin’ on up into its own retail space.

While Rovio plans on opening up shop in China (where the brand is huge, but next to all of the available merchandise is fake) sometime next year, this first store is on their home turf in Helsinki, Finland. It’s got a massive slingshot!

Sadly, sad slingshot doesn’t appear to actually… you know, sling. Presumably because they’d rather not have an 8 year old fire his shoes through the storefront window, the slingshot instead acts as a swinging bench for those lookin’ for a new Facebook profile shot.

Of course, it’s probably worth noting that the variety of Angry Birds wares available on Day 1 isn’t exactly.. diverse. They’ve got the Angry Birds cookbook (yep), and the Angry Birds pencil/eraser school kit… but for the most part, the shelves are stacked edge to edge with the line of plush toys they launched last year. Come on, Peter: Get to ripping off those pirates!

Best of luck to all of the employees on not going absolutely insane after hearing the Angry Birds theme for the 37,000th time.