PRIMEHPC FX10: Fujitsu To Market New Supercomputer To Companies

Fujitsu announced it has adapted technology from its supercomputer “K” (which is the world’s fastest) into PRIMEHPC FX10, a commercial model that will be offered globally. The PRIMEHPC FX10 can be scaled up to a 98,304 nodes/1,024 rack configuration with a top theoretical processing performance of 23.2 petaflops (23,200 trillion computations per second).

Fujitsu is marketing the supercomputer to individual companies and research institutions.

The company explains:

By leveraging the new system, it will be possible to address societal challenges—including new drug development, disaster prevention, disaster mitigation, and other measures, to bring about a safe and secure society—and to pursue cutting-edge research, such as enabling the development and manufacturing of new materials without the need to make prototypes.

The PRIMEHPC FX10 will go on sale in January next year, with prices starting at US$640,000 for a one-rack model. Fujitsu hopes to sell a total of 50 supercomputers in three years.