Gilt Gets A Makeover

Flash-sale site Gilt is rolling out a slightly new look over the next few days.  It features bigger pictures, better navigation to sister sites such as Gilt City, Gilt Taste, and Jetsetter, and new semi-permanent “Shops” where high-end brands can park their sales for longer than the typical 36-hour window.

Most of the changes are subtle.  The most noticeable one is a navigation bar across the top which makes it easy to switch between sales for Women, Men, Baby & Kids, Home, Taste, City, Jettsetter, and Park & Bond.  In general, the number of clicks it takes to buy something is now less than it was before.  You can “favorite” a brand or label to get more offers from that brand.  And you can add upcoming sales to your calendar (so that you don’t forget to spend even more money at Gilt!).

The shops are also somewhat of a departure from Gilt’s tradition of offering one item for a limited time. Brands such as Levi’s and Thomas Pink are offering a few select items on an ongoing basis. The inventory in each shop can change and “sell out,” but there is always a rotating collection of clothes and other goods. As the number of regular Gilt shoppers increases, the shops provide brands with better access to them beyond sporadic sales.