Trada Brings Crowdsourced Advertising Marketplace To Facebook

Crowdsourced SEM management startup Trada is released its version of a crowdsourced Facebook advertising marketplace. Trada, which launched in March of 2010, is launching a marketplace that lets advertisers and agencies leverage Facebook ad experts to create campaigns on the social networks.

Here’s how Trada works. Agencies and advertisers can specify a budget they are willing to spend on ads, decide which advertising platforms they want their ads to appear on (the site currently supports Bing, Yahoo, and Google), and enter how much they willing to pay-per-click or per acquisition. The site then sources the heavy lifting, like choosing thousands of keywords to target and writing ad copy, to its community of SEM experts to build and manage and advertiser or business’ paid search campaign across search engines. Trada coordinates the payments and takes a small cut of each transaction between advertisers and SEO experts.

With the Facebook integration, marketers can enter their parameters and Trada’s Facebook optimizers and creatives will build hundreds or thousands of hyper-targeted profiles and ad creative combinations. Trada says optimizers and creatives earn money on a performance basis by generating low-cost clicks, conversions and social interactions such as “likes” for advertisers.

Since launching in March of last year, Trada has added more than 500 advertisers and 2000 paid search experts to its crowdsourced paid search marketplace. The company says its model is helping advertisers with budgets as small as $3,000 per month and as large as $500,000 per month successfully and scalably run PPC campaigns.

With the massive growth in advertising on Facebook, a crowdsourced offering from Trada could be appealing to businesses who don’t have massive advertising budgets.

Trada has raised $8 million in funding from Google Ventures, Foundry Group and angel investors.