Staples Slashes PlayBook Price To $199 On Black Friday

Those of you crazy brave enough to venture into Staples on Black Friday will be rewarded with the chance to buy a 16 GB BlackBerry PlayBook for $199, if their leaked ad is any indication.

According to Electronista, the deal only applies in-store, so those of you looking to snag a PlayBook on the cheap had better bundle up.

This isn’t the first time Staples has slashed prices on the PlayBook — they ran a special $100 off promotion back in September — and it almost certainly won’t be the last. Sales of RIM’s tablet have been anemic at best, and even RIM is getting desperate to move their stock.

Honestly, why anyone would go to the trouble of camping in front of Staples for hours in the frigid cold in order to snag one of these is beyond me. Call me lazy, but the idea of pre-ordering a Kindle Fire for the same price from home sure beats jostling in a massive line for a tablet that can’t even send email unless you have the right phone. Then again, you may as well pick one up if you were planning on camping out for the $8 flash drive anyway.