A Look At The New Nook Software

According to Barnes & Noble, the Nook Touch 1.1 update should improve your reading life by allowing for nearly a month of battery life and faster page turns. Although we haven’t tested the battery claims, I did get the chance to put them side by side to see what these time savings really looked like.

In general, the original Nook was noticeably slower, especially when going from a page of text to a graphics-intensive page. Was it enough to warrant a wholesale upgrade? No, but as the 1.1 rolls out to older Nooks, owners of the previous version will be able to experience these savings.

I did notice a very slight improvement in screen brightness on the new model, which could point to a different screen provider. Generally, however, the improvements are so minor as to be negligible but, given the battery improvements, 1.1 is definitely an upgrade path to follow once it comes online.