ToutApp Launches iOS App To Let You Track Email Views And Clicks (And More) On The Go

ToutApp was part of 500 Startups’ summer batch of little monsters and launched this June with $350,000 in funding from Esther Dyson, Eric Ries, Daniel Eskapa, NYC Seed Fund, Joshua Baer, and more.

Why? Well, ToutApp has an intriguing value proposition for all those that send a large number of outbound emails that have similar content. For PR reps looking to hawk their companies, or entrepreneurs looking to pitch to journalists or investors, ToutApp looks to turn those repetitive and often copy-and-pasted emails into templates that can be personalized with a few clicks.

Beginning today, Tout officially integrates with users’ Gmail accounts to parse through emails to identify the most commonly-sent mass emails. The tool then creates a dynamic template for that email chain, allowing users to autofill the name, company, or location as they write their emails. Users can also take advantage of auto-CC and BCC, or even auto-attach files permanently to a template, without leaving the comfort of their email client.

But here’s the kicker: Emails sent using ToutApp can be tracked both for views and clickthroughs, so that you know when the recipient of the email has opened it and is planning a response. Of course, if you so choose, if a user sees that the email has been opened but not responded to within a few hours, one could even send a follow-up canned response using another one of Tout’s templates. This has the potential for creepiness, but it’s also a great way to save time and get the ball rolling on those high priority conversations.

What’s more, to boost its relevance as an enterprise productivity application, ToutApp offers integration directly with your most-trusted CRMs, like Salesforce, Highrise, Batchbook, and Capsule. With Tout’s Salesforce integration, for example, users can quickly send and respond to emails using its templates, along with easily creating and sharing those templates with your team and accessing email analytics across your business to see which kind of messaging is working for your salesforce — and which is just eliciting the sound of crickets.

And with the ability to track views and clicks, teams can take the guesswork out of their email outreach with that realtime visibility into where emails currently stand in the review and response process.

Tout is also officially launching their iOS apps today, which will let users send and customize their Tout emails and templates from their mobile phones, even scheduling delivery of emails for a later date. Check out Tout’s iPhone app here.

And for more on ToutApp’s Gmail integration, look out, video below: