Shazam, Delivery Agent Partner To Let You Buy Your Favorite TV Characters’ Stuff

Well, I’m not sure whether to be worried about our impending laziness or thrilled that I can now shop while I watch TV (without the help of the Home Shopping Network). Shazam, potentially one of the most magical apps ever, has partnered with Delivery Agent to let you discover consumer products in TV shows and ultimately purchase them.

First to jump on board with the service is NBCUniversal, more specifically the program Covert Affairs, with other programming to follow. Just like you Shazam music you love, the service will let you tag Covert Affairs episodes, which will then serve up different products that are relevant.

So let’s say that Covert Affairs main character Annie is getting dressed on the show, and you notice that her outfit is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Simply tag the episode and voila! Delivery Agent pulls any items available for purchase right into the Shazam app.

Along with apparel and accessories within the programming, this new service will also let users buy program-branded goodies, like a Covert Affairs mug or t-shirt. In all honesty, the shopping selection probably won’t be that great at first, and obviously not everyone is a Covert Affairs die-hard. But if this thing blows up the same way Shazam did, you’ll want to be able to tell your friends you were doing it before it was cool.