PayPal Updates Its Android App With Support For NFC Payments

PayPal updated its Android application today and has added one notable new feature: support for NFC payments. Using NFC, or near field communication, two PayPal users with NFC-enabled phones can send and receive money using the mobile app.

The feature, which was previously announced over the summer, also includes a “Request Money” widget that can be added directly to the Android homescreen. To use the widget, you simply tap it, enter an amount and then bump phones with your friend. On your friend’s device, they’ll see the request and can then enter their PayPal password to send you the money.

PayPal notes that its implementation of NFC involves “P2P” mode which means that it will work with the majority of NFC-enabled phones, not just the Samsung Nexus S.

The updated Android app also includes a few non-NFC features, including a newly redesigned landing screen, auto-complete from your phone’s address book and other UI improvements. The new app is available here in the Android Market.