Head Of Communications Sean Garrett Leaves Twitter

Twitter Head of Communications Sean Garrett (@SG) has just announced that he’s leaving Twitter in a series of tweets — of course. When asked to confirm his departure, Twitter Communications representative Carolyn Penner said, “I think his tweets speak for themselves…”

Garrett also cryptically posted the Pavement song ‘Our Singer’ to his personal blog in conjunction with the “I’m leaving” tweets.

Before leaving to join Twitter in February of 2010,  Garrett was a partner at tech PR agency 463 Communications, an agency he cofounded. Before 463 Communications, Garrett spent time in PR roles at Applied Communications and Bite Communications, agencies owned by comm-focused holding company Next Fifteen.

Garrett built up the Twitter PR team to a whopping eight people during his two-year stint (you can follow them all in this list curated by Marshall Kirkpatrick). While Twitter recently hired Googler Karen Wickre for a media/communications role (her bio reads “Word wrangler.”) it’s still unclear who will be replacing Garrett.