Keen On… Bob Safian: Innovation Uncensored (TCTV)

Fast Company magazine has landed in San Francisco. Last week, the magazine put on its first Bay Area event – “Innovation Uncensored,” which brought together innovators in many different industries – from media and technology, to airlines and energy companies.

As Fast Company editor-in-chief Bob Safian told me at last week’s event, as human beings we are “naturally conservative”, but today’s ever-faster business environment requires us to innovate or die. Thus, while innovation doesn’t always come naturally to us, he explained to me, we have to “embrace change” if we are to survive.

This week will feature a number of TCTV interviews I conducted with speakers at Innovation Uncensored including Virgin America CEO and President David Cush, StartUp America CEO Scott Case and Chief Ninja of SCVNGR Seth Priebatsch.