Google TV Scores An ‘Adult Video’ Channel, Courtesy Of Vivid

Never mind the Internet – the TV was invented for pr0n. And now Google TV users can get their fictional passion fix, too, thanks to adult film studio Vivid Entertainment. The latter, always aiming to please, is today giving birth to a dedicated Google TV app (NSFW) – or channel if you will.

According to Vivid, it will be the first app “designed to make sexually explicit content available through the new Google TV set top device”. In high-definition, no less.

Obviously not safe for work – unless you work from home like I do – but you can watch a video demo of the Google TV app on Vivid’s website. Again, NSFW, depending on where you W.

I’m not an expert, but my coworker Jason Kincaid made me promise to mention how awesomely awesome the background music for the video demo is. Listening to it is SFW.

Vivid for Google TV will be available at no additional cost to subscribers to, which currently offers a package of features such as streaming of Vivid’s adult movies, celebrity sex tapes, educational videos and more. Access to the site is restricted to persons over 18 years old.

Obviously, Google won’t be publicizing this app on the Android Market. Presumably, you’ll have to enable non-Market downloads and obtain Vivid’s app on your own – just like you’ll be watching the channel on your own. It’s all easy enough to do, really. I’m talking about the downloading.

Update: Vivid’s app is actually an HTML5-based web app, so you won’t have to download it at all.

Anyway. Said Steven Hirsch, co-founder and co-chairman of Vivid:

“[Vivid for Google TV] is a central part of our making Vivid available everywhere concept, which gives fans unified access to our content through their personal computers, mobile devices, tablets, television sets and DVD players.”

Hirsch says Vivid spent more than a year developing a code base for a “robust, standalone Internet-TV channel with a friendly interface for the consumer that can be used with the current Google TV technology and other Internet protocol presentation methods now in development”.

I’m left wondering which category the app will fall in: Entertainment, Lifestyle, or TV & Movies?

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