Keen On… Francis Cholle: Why Entrepreneurs Should Trust Their Guts (TCTV)

It’s an old dilemma. Should entrepreneurs rely on their reason or their instinct? Should they trust their gut or should they trust their mind?

The good news, at least according to the author of The Intuitive Compass, Francis Cholle, is that the best entrepreneurial decisions are actually a balance of reason and instinct. As Cholle told me when he came into our San Francisco studio, entrepreneurs need to embrace a “healthy disregard for the impossible” if they are to develop their own intuitive compass.

Don’t trust my gut (or my mind) on this one, though. You can buy Intuitive Compass, of course. Better still, however, Cholle is developing a free Intuitive Compass app that will allow you to balance your reason and your instinct wherever you are and whenever you want.