The Groupon IPO: What’s Everyone Worth?

Individual Shares Worth vote %
CEO Andrew D. Mason 46,934,488 $1,220,296,688 19%
Former CTO Kenneth M. Pelletier 2,698,944 $70,172,544
Former COO Robert S. Solomon 4,055,000 $105,430,000
Brian K. Totty 624,786 $16,244,436
Board member Mellody Hobson 10,000 $260,000
Co-founder Bradley A. Keywell 624,786 $1,071,850,988 10.2%
Lightbank VC Eric P. Lefkofsky 129,239,408 $3,360,224,608 28.1%
Board member Theodore J. Leonsis 1,848,770 $48,068,020
Starbucks Chairman Howard Schultz 1,899,336 $49,382,736
New Enterprise Associates, Inc 87,453,072 $2,273,779,872 8.8%
Accel Growth Fund L.P. 33,203,928 $863,302,128 3.4%
MyCityDeal’s Oliver & Marc Samwer 39,168,960 $1,018,392,960 4%

After going from selling slippers with flashlights to being a 10,000 employee-strong business in three years, Groupon had its initial public offering today, to much fanfare and well, the opposite reaction. The offering was priced at $20 and experienced an exuberant opening pop of $28, which after a day of trading settled down a bit to close at $26.

While Groupon’s co-founders and high-level executives notoriously took hundreds of millions off the table in an earlier round of funding, they still had notable skin in the game today, as evidenced by the share allocation on Groupon’s latest S-1. Biggest winner? Lightbank founder Eric Lefkosky, who is now a billionaire three times over with a solid 28.1% voting share. CEO Andrew Mason, by comparison, is now worth $1.2 billion in Groupon stock.

VC firm Accel Partners and the Samwer brothers are also in enviable positions post IPO, each netting about a billion in Groupon equity for their troubles. It’s probably safe to say that just about everyone on this list is on a customary six month lockout with regards to selling their shares, and God only knows what the stock will be trading at then.

While we all wait, here’s a video of Mason and I back when he was cool wasn’t such a fancypants. [Hi Andrew :)]