Hands On With The AppXRacer From AniApp

If you’re a fan of the Parrot AR.Drone, you’ll probably get a kick out its earthbound relative, the AirXRacer by AniApp. I got a first hands on with this iPhone- or Android-controlled racecar in Shenzhen and you will be able to pick it up this holiday season.

The car is a standard RC racer that, as you can see, is quite fast. You control it using your phone’s accelerometer or using an onscreen “wheel,” a method that offers a bit more finesse. The creator, Jeff Luo of AniApp Labs, said the cars would be available in Radio Shack and Brookstone this holiday and the apps are available now for download.

It was a bit hard to video in the dark, but rest assured the control scheme was solid and the car was quite rugged, able to hit chair legs and ankles without shattering. No pricing yet, but look for it at a massage-chair dealer near you.